All of my imagery is informed by the natural world. Earth, air, water, and light; rain and sunshine and seasons; geology and strata, cells and seeds and pods-all of this and more finds it’s way into my work.

I spend many hours observing the forms and processes of nature. There I find a rich symbolic language which not only helps convey my feelings of reverence and awe towards this beautiful world, but also encompasses dreams, visions, and memories: all that is unseen and intangible yet so much of who we are.

My artistic process is also informed by the world around us. I love layering and texture and all the creative possibilities of combining painting, drawing, and collage. All of these works incorporate acrylic paints and inks, graphite and charcoal, and both handmade and found collage papers. I work with both intention and randomness, developing intricate forms and encouraging accidents. As I layer, some elements are enhanced and some are obscured, resulting in a surface that reflects growth and decay and the passage of time.

I almost always work in a series, continually exploring different facets of a concept before moving on. When I need inspiration, I step outside…